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Annual Review


The YMCA Norfolk 2017/18 Annual Review had now been published online. It contains success stories and all the facts and figures about our work over the past 12 months. Please click the following link to download a PDF copy:

YMCA Norfolk Annual Review 2017/2018 

To view the 2016/2017 review please click below:

YMCA Norfolk Annual Review 2016/2017


To view the 2015/2016 review please click here.

Alternatively request your own copy by contacting info@ymcanorfolk.org

YMCA Norfolk is committed to transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people so they have a brighter future. We believe that every young person should be able to develop their full potential in body, mind and spirit.

This year’s Annual Review highlights our work through the stories of just some of the people whose lives have been transformed throughout Norfolk. We love our work and find it very inspiring and hope you do too!