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Compliments and Complaints

When to complain

YMCA Norfolk aims to offer you the best service, so when something goes wrong or is not up to the standard you expect, we encourage you to let us know.

We treat all complaints seriously and will do our best to settle your complaint as soon as possible.  You will be kept informed about what is happening and any action that may be taken.

Making a complaint is a simple three stage process which makes sure everyone is treated fairly and allows for appeals against decisions if you are not satisfied at first.

A copy of our complaints policy is available here.

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Process for complaints

Tell us about your complaint. Staff will be happy to help if required.

Stage 1

Once the complaint is received, a staff/manager will acknowledge the complaint within 24 hours.  A manager will try and sort things out within 7 days and notify you of the result.

Not satisfied – proceed with stage 2

Stage 2

If you wish to take it further your complaint can be passed to a member of YMCA Norfolk’s Executive Team for consideration.  The Executive Team member will try to resolve the complaint within 7 days and notify you of the result.

Not satisfied – proceed with stage 3

Stage 3

You can ask for an appeal to be considered by YMCA Norfolk’s Chief Executive Officer.  The Chief Executive Officer will consider the appeal and notify you of the result within 14 days.

Not satisfied – proceed with stage 4

Stage 4

Board of Trustees, final appeal which will be received/ heard at the next available Board meeting.

Not satisfied?  Contact the Housing Ombudsman Service.  More information can be found at www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk