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Time to Transition: Summer School

Helping young people towards a brighter future  

A child’s transition from primary to secondary school is recognised as being a significant period of change in a child’s life and is one that might very well affect their education, family and the school.

Moving-up can be an exciting yet also frightening and frustrating time for a typical child and it is recognised that some may need extra support to cope with the change.

We offer a bespoke project that will look to provide a tailored and interactive programme to ensure a smooth and positive transition.  The project can be of immeasurable support to the child, their families, the school and the community.

A two week programme aiming to enhance the challenging transition to secondary school 

The Time to Transition programme enables a smooth transition to your school. Pupils are encouraged to develop new friendships with fellow pupils who will also be in the September intake, to explore and understand the school structure, ethos and culture.

The pupils will demonstrate an increase in confidence ready for secondary school life. Pupils will be tasked with keeping a school diary or scrap book reflecting on activities, feelings, learning and identifying areas to develop.

There is also an emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills in order to demonstrate their abilities to the head of year 7 and their form tutors. This enabled the form tutors to get to know their pupils and their abilities better and understand any areas of concern.

We will work with you to develop a tailored programme to meet the needs of your school.

Time to Transition can be flexible to meet the needs of your school.  The programme will be delivered by qualified YMCA staff, along with experienced volunteers and if appropriate for your school 6th form volunteers.

A timetable will be thoroughly planned in advance, in partnership with your school.  This will include objectives to engage students in learning using creative methods encouraging self expression, confidence, personal development and fun.

Our programme has a firm academic base, focusing on improving numeracy and literacy through enrichment activities to boost creativity and confidence. Young people keep a daily diary detailing their activities, learning, what they enjoyed and what they would like help with.  Students are encouraged to plan trips and activities, learning about travel and budgeting.

Ice breaker activities and introductory days will develop pupils independence while building friendships. These will include practical and interactive activities and day trips, such as; cooking lunch and healthy eating, scavenger hunts to navigate around the school, sporting activities, picnics, quiz’s, trips out to local, affordable educational centres and understanding mental health and how to manage worries and anxiety.

We offer personal development opportunities for older pupils through visits, offer insight into life at   your School and volunteer experience.

Each programme will end with a celebration of achievements; an evaluation day with a presentation of certificates.

Find out more about how we can support your school

YMCA Norfolk is a recognised and trusted provider with over 20 years experience delivering pastoral services in schools.

Flexible funding is available for schools, federations of schools, clusters and academies. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how we can support your school.

Amanda Bayfield

Youth and Community Manager

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Email: amanda.bayfield@ymcanorfolk.org

“It was a great experience” Simon

“I think every young person should come to Summer School because it is a good experience before going to high school” Lara

“Summer School is fun for people who are going to start High School, you can make lots of friends, it’s amazing” Dorcas