YMCA Manifesto 2015

The national YMCA manifesto was released this week (10/03/2015) and sends messages of change to government.  True to its traditions, it is rooted in the views and experiences of those YMCAs seek to serve:

YMCA is over 170 years old and though the world may be a different place to what it was all those years ago the aspirations of the young people that YMCA works with are no different – to be educated, to work, to have a purpose, to have a place to call home and to be loved.

In order to be true to the nature of our foundations, this manifesto is rooted in the views and experiences of those YMCAs seek to serve. As such this has been the most engaging manifesto consultation in our history, focusing on those who breathe the day-to-day life into YMCAs – its staff, chief executives, trustees, service users and most importantly young people.

Contained within this manifesto are messages of change to government; not always ones which are easily achievable but ones which are necessary if we want to live in a society which truly supports and develops young people in our communities.

You can pledge your support for the Manifesto on the YMCA England website: ymca.org.uk/webelieve

Read the full YMCA Manifesto here