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Mind Matters: Mental Health

Positive mental health for children and young people

Without good mental health, the ability to learn and take in new information can be significantly affected.  Schools have an important opportunity to nurture and support the mental health of their pupils to increase their resilience.

  • We provide emotional and mental health services in primary and secondary schools, building children’s resilience through interactive learning, talking and creative work.
  • Our services help to raise awareness of mental health among young people, support the early identification of emerging mental health problems and to offer an early intervention for young people who  will benefit from some support
  • We help children and young people to cope with wide-ranging and often complex social issues including friendships and healthy relationships, exam stress, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect, and trauma.
  • We work to increase achievements of pupils and support them through transitions.

Our services

We work in close partnership with schools tailoring our menu of services to meet individual school’s needs. Our support ranges from one-off roadshows and assemblies to regular and ongoing support to enable young people to fulfill their potential.

To see a full list of our mental health services and prices download a copy of our Mind Matters Leaflet

Counselling Service

Our Peace of Mind counselling service provides early stage, individual support for young people.  Our qualified counsellors are trained in a variety of approaches and work to the ethical framework for good practice of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Mental Health Awareness Sessions / Workshops

Providing young people, teachers and parents with practical tools for building resilience, self-esteem, confidence and good mental health. The sessions help to raise awareness and challenge stigmas, breaking down barriers for young people to talk about mental health issues and access the help they need.


Mental Health First Aid

A recognised qualification for teachers, parents and young volunteers. This provides a good understanding of a range of mental health issues and how best to help young people and signpost to other support and specialist services. This is an essential tools for teachers and parents in identifying emerging mental health needs to prevent problems escalating.


Mental Health Roadshows

Providing a high impact, one-off event that will engage large numbers of young people in mental health issues. This can be used to respond to young people needs and explore a particular issue that is relevant at the time such as; exam stress, body confidence, food and mood and friendships and healthy relationships.


Young Mental Health Champions – Peer to Peer Education

Support for schools to set up an internal peer mentoring scheme, which focuses on supporting students overall well-being and addressing low-level mental health concerns before they escalate.

YMCA Norfolk is a recognised and trusted provider with over 20 years experience delivering pastoral services in schools. We offer a range of tailored services and delivery models around mental health and wellbeing to meet the needs of your school and its pupils.


Contact us

Flexible funding is available for schools, federations of schools, clusters and academies. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how we can support your school.

T: 07894566615

E: mindmatters@ymcanorfolk.org

“Not only are they able to talk through negative events and feelings to enable them to make sense of them, they leave counselling better-equipped to deal with any future setbacks. Alongside the counselling provision, the workshops provided by the service are also absolutely invaluable; the areas they address, such as self-esteem, anxiety and stress, are prevalent in young people today, and can have a paralysing effect on their wellbeing and development. Through these courses, young people are given the techniques they need to manage their own health on a longer-term basis.”

Student Welfare Co-ordinator, East Norfolk Sixth Form

“The YMCA  Young Mental Health Champion project has been a life line to so many of our students and their parents/carers . The counsellor provided has been exceptional and all of the students look forward to their sessions with her and crucially we are seeing  excellent outcomes for our young people.”

Director of Learning and SDL for Safeguarding and LAC, Aylsham High School

“Looking back on it and the YMCA, it has completely changed me and my confidence and my self-esteem and how I think about myself and take on other people’s views” student