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Support for Children, Young People and their Families

Every parent wants their children to feel healthy, happy and safe and to be able to develop to their full potential.  We’re here to help families with a range of practical and emotional support services.

How We Work With Families

We recognise that being part of a family is not always easy and sometimes children, young people and parents experience difficult situations and may benefit from a little help.

Because each family is unique, we give them lots of support tailored to their specific needs and set of circumstances. By listening and working alongside families, we empower them to take control of their lives and make positive decisions for themselves.

We focus on people’s strengths, encouraging parents in the good things they are doing and helping enable change by improving confidence, strengthening relationships and supporting families to have quality time together.

We work flexibly to ensure families get the support they need, when they need it. By working with families in their homes we make support as accessible and relevant as possible.

We’re Here To Help

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

This can help families to manage problems by talking about how they react to thoughts and feelings and how recognising, and ultimately changing, the way they think and behave can help us feel better and overcome difficult situations.

Family Group Conferences (FCG)

FGC are useful for families to come together and make decisions and plan about their future, and the future of their children with support from wider, family, friends and neighbours.


We support families experiencing issues that arise when a relationship breaks down, minimising conflict and helping rebuild a strong family unit.

Alternatives to care

We provide specialist services to young people and their families to prevent children going into care. We seek to keep families together as most young people thrive best when they remain at home.


We empower families to plan and prepare for children returning home by agreeing expectations, providing practical and emotional support and helping to build strong support networks.

Wishes and feelings

With Wishes and Feelings we help children and young people to be actively involved in the family and decisions that affect them. We support them to express themselves and share their feelings directly, to ensure their needs, wishes and feelings are explored.

Independent living skills

We provide meaningful learning opportunities and encourage self-confidence whilst promoting independence and social skills. We help families with understanding how to run a home, personal care, budgeting, domestic tasks and developing positive relationships with others.

Parenting guidance and boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is important for children to develop in a positive, safe way. We offer guidance and advice on defining boundaries so that families can be confident in letting their thoughts and principles rather than emotions determine parenting.

Housing and benefits

We help families in financial hardship and those experiencing housing difficulties with advice about welfare benefits and support services.

Practical help

We offer families assistance with DIY and domestic and household tasks to help get ensure the home is a safe, and clean environment.

Positive Activities

We provide information and encouragement to develop children and young people’s confidence to engage in positive and educational activities outside of school.

Health and wellbeing

We recognise that health and wellbeing is important in family life. We can support families to adopt healthy lifestyles through learning about healthy eating, exercise and access to specialist support.

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