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Throckmorton Yard, Norwich

Who is it for?

Throckmorton Yard is for 18-30 year olds (both sexes). Entry is via HAF (Hostel Accommodation Form) referral and YMCA Housing Services.

Residents have low risk/needs; low tolerance for alcohol and substance misuse. Applicants with medium support needs are considered with support from external agencies (eg Together UK, Probation Service), subject to assessment.

What are the aims?

Throckmorton Yard provides move on accommodation with intensive housing management supporting residents towards independence.

Residents are encouraged to develop independent living skills, through measures such as tenancy management, budgeting skills and training & education opportunities.

What accommodation is available?

22 rooms in 7 YMCA shared houses.

Accommodation is self-catering and fully furnished with shared bathroom, kitchen and lounge. Throckmorton Yard is covered by CCTV with housekeeping for each house undertaken by tenants. It is located near the city centre.

Who staffs Throckmorton Yard?

Intensive Housing Management between 9am and 7pm weekdays, and 11am-3pm on Saturdays. Out-of-hours emergency contact is available 24 hours a day, every day. Each resident has an allocated tenancy support worker.