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Every night we provide a safe home and support for over 260 vulnerable young people in Norfolk.

Thankfully, most young people in Norfolk live in a safe, supportive environment they call home. Unfortunately, for some 16-24 year olds, home is a risky place, a place of overcrowding, family stress and breakdown. Young people are often ill-prepared for the realities of no home.

People lose their homes for all kinds of reasons, at all stages of life. Many of the young people we meet are affected by; family breakdown, leaving care, mental health, debt and disrupted education. This can leave them feeling isolated and lonely or put their personal safety at risk. They may struggle to participate in employment, education or training and have poor health.

Housing is not just about providing a warm, dry space. It’s about providing a space which is safe and supports the individual so that they can grow, develop and equip themselves to move towards a brighter future.

Once with the YMCA, residents have their own safe space, they meet regularly with a support worker who helps encourage and empower them to work on a personal plan to develop the skills and confidence required for independent living. We support young people with their cooking skills, learning how to budget, how to manage a tenancy and progressing in education, training and employment.

We work hard to provide additional training and health and well-being opportunities where young people can improve their self-esteem and confidence, have fun, make friends, be active and develop informal skills such as communication and teamwork.

Right Place, Right Time

Young people come to us for many reasons and with many needs. Because of this, they require a variety of housing to meet their individual needs. We provide various accommodation pathways to meet the needs of each young person on their journey. This includes emergency provision, supported accommodation centres, ‘move on’ housing and community-based accommodation.

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 “I will never forget how much you have helped me”