Welcome to SOS Bus Project Safe Haven


Project Safe Haven is a multi-agency initiative which is operating every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm until late within the night-time economy of Kings Lynn town centre. We offer a variety of services and support by working in conjunction with local agencies. This enables us to offer help and advice to any individual presenting in crisis or needing assistance. The SOS unit is located in Kings Lynn town centre, in a prime location within the night-time economy. We are accessible on foot or by road.




First aid
We provide assistance to anyone needing help during their night out. Regardless of your injury or difficulty we will endeavour to assist.

Promotion of Safe Sex
Free condoms, dams, femidoms and non-latex.

A scheme available for young people aged 13-24.

Flip flops
Tired feet, heels hurting? Why not prevent further injury and pick up a pair of flip flops.

Stay Warm
Blankets, hats and scarves offered subject to stock availability.

Fancy a cup of tea or a hot soup to warm up especially during the winter months? Pop in and grab a free hot drink.

Needle Exchange
We are the first organisation in Norfolk to offer a needle exchange facility between 9pm and 3am over the weekend.

Information & Advice
The SOS bus can help you by providing leaflets, information and referral options for the following areas: alcohol and drugs, safeguarding, domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness and mental health.


Partnership Working

We work with organisations locally which creates clear pathways between agencies including Norfolk Constabulary, East of England Ambulance Service, Norfolk Safeguarding Children and Adults Board, Harbour Centre and West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group. By working together we are able to provide a wide spectrum of support.



The project is run by volunteers and without their continued support we would not be where we are today. Each volunteer has their own reasons for joining; this could be professional development or personal exploration. Volunteers are provided with a range of training opportunities to help them develop.




Our unit is covered by CCTV and all volunteers are linked by CCTV radios when on shift along with direct links to CCTV, police and door staff.