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Work Places

With 1 in 4 adults experiencing a mental health difficulty at some point in their life, it can affect anyone and has a major impact on every area of life including work. YMCA Norfolk can work with organisations of all sizes to improve mental health awareness by providing Adult Mental Health First Aid training as well as offering long term support to establish a Mental Health Champion scheme within the work place. By fostering a supportive environment where the stigma of mental health is challenged, staff can be supported to become a thriving and productive workforce.



Without good mental health, the ability to learn and take in new information can be significantly affected.  Schools have an important opportunity to nurture and support the mental health of their pupils to increase their resilience.


  • We offer Youth Mental Health First Aid training for adults who work with young people, providing an increased knowledge and awareness of mental health as well as practical tools for supporting young people.
  • We can also provide support and training to set up a peer mentoring scheme within the school setting.


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Flexible funding is available through our Points System. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how we can support your workplace, organisation or school.


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