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Mental Health championing with young girls

Mental Health championYoung guide leader Poppy is now running mental health sessions for young girl guides. These are aimed at improving their overall health and self-esteem.

Poppy is now Young Mental Health Champion, after completing project. Armed with important information about mental health, she helps the guides to make positive lifestyle changes and access further support.

All Young Mental Health Champions help to educate their peers about key issues affecting their health. This includes sexual, physical and mental health. And as a peer leader, Poppy is working along side hard-to-reach young people, engaging them more effectively with local health and social care provision.

Working with 20 girls, aged from 10- 16, on a weekly basis, Poppy offers them someone to talk to about any problems or concerns they have. And she can offer each girl advice and guidance within a safe and controlled area.

Poppy herself has also learnt more about self-esteem and body confidence and how to confidently present the sessions to an audience. She was also not confident with public speaking. So the training she received helped her in these areas.

Your support has been crucial in reaching more young people, and providing good mental health support. Please give what you can today to reach more young people and champion good mental health. Thank you.

YMCA Norfolk has also signed up to the I Am Whole campaign. Watch the video below:

You can read Poppy’s full story here.