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Smoothie Bike Hire

How can you get everyone talking about exercise and healthy eating?

Our amazing human powered ‘Smoothie-Bike’ offers a unique, fun, entertaining and very memorable way to produce healthy fruit smoothies.

The Smoothie Bike is a fresh concept which is sweeping the nation with its diverse ability to adapt to anything you need to promote or educate.  It is a brilliant and unique way of educating those of varying ages on the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, whilst also doing something enjoyable. The Smoothie Bike can help to promote nutritional needs, such as the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables, reducing salt intake and the need to keep saturated fats low.

The Smoothie Bike itself has an adjustable seat to adhere to the group you in intend to use it with, the handlebars can also be moved with ease. This makes the Smoothie Bike very accessible and easy to transport to your desired location.

The cost of hiring the Smoothie Bike for a day is £75. If you require a trained individual to help with setup and the delivery of a Smoothie Bike session the cost is £150, this is to cover the cost of individual’s time. Please bear in mind that delivery is not included in the pricing for the Smoothie Bike.

If you require any further information or would like to hire the bike please contact 01603 621263 ext 124 or email kayleigh.temperton@ymcanorfolk.org